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IT support and managed services are valuable for maintaining your organisation’s technology, whether or not you have in-house IT staff. They provide cost-effective access to expert IT support and consultation, ensuring your technology runs smoothly and securely.

The key benefit of IT outsourcing is to save operational cost with minimum risk of IT staff dependency.

Startup, SME/SMB to large enterprises will all benefits from managed services, but their requirements can vary.

Malaysia’s diverse population allows for communication in multiple languages, including English, Mandarin, Malay, and Cantonese. This linguistic diversity is a notable feature of the country and can be advantageous for businesses and organisations operating in Malaysia.

In our interconnected world, our customer base extends across multiple continents, primarily in Asia, Europe and Oceana.

You can request for support request by using Kanopi Ticketing System , or you can call our technical support team. A technical support number will be given to you once you have subscribed to our services.

Fully customisable, we provide 24 x 7 x 365 support. Very depending on what kind of service that you engaged with us. For example: Managed services, Colocation Services, or Cloud Services.

Yes, Kanopi offers public, private and hybrid cloud services. We can listen to your requirement and design a right strategy for you.

Disaster recovery (DR) is a strategic process aimed at helping individuals and organisations recover from various disasters or major incidents that disrupt business operations or lead to data loss.

Consider the scenario where you experience a complete loss of data from the past three years. How would you proceed with your work from this point forward?

Data backup is a fundamental component of good data management and is essential for safeguarding data against various risks and threats. It provides a safety net for both individuals and organisations, ensuring that data can be restored, business operations can continue, and valuable information is not lost.

If you subscribe to only our Managed Services/colocation/Cloud services, it does not include backup services. Should you require assistance in the backups of your server(s), you can subscribed to our Backup Managed Service plan which is affordable.

Kanopi insures all our assets. Customers are advised to purchase their own insurance for the protection of their equipment and data if they wish to.

Kanopi services are designed with the intention to provide redundancy to ensure uptime. We have redundant design in our power, cooling, network and bandwidth so that you can enjoy uninterrupted service.

Yes, we can assist you with migration of servers and devices.

We provide 4 hours of response time when you need our support. Resolution time will vary depending on the complication of the issues. As for network uptime, we provide 99.99% of uptime guarantee.

Yes, we can host your emails for you. Do contact us so that we can gather your requirements and setup your email accounts for you.

Kanopi has DR Plan for its own data and equipment. Kindly explore our DR solution packages in regards to which package that’s suitable to protect your data.

Kanopi offers leasing programs where you pay monthly for the services. You can opt for the “Lease to use” or “Lease to own” options to enjoy new hardware and work on the OPEX model. Another choice is, you can subscribe to our cloud service where can just scale your hardware resources on our cloud platform.

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