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Kanopi Cloud

  • At Kanopi, we can tailor-make a managed public cloud solution to meet your business needs. Our team of qualified professionals will build a secure and reliable public cloud platform according to your business requirements, with after installation monitoring support to ensure its smooth running and that the platform remains fit for purpose.
  • Public Cloud Services
    • Alibaba Cloud
      •  Use the same solutions that empower the Alibaba Ecosystem to reach a new level of creativity, inclusivity, and success.
    • Microsoft Azure
      • As a certified Microsoft Azure cloud service partner, we can help you to design, build and manage Azure solutions according to your business requirement.
    • Amazon Web Services – AWS
      • Designed for users to rapidly and securely host their applications, AWS is a cloud service platform with robust features to help businesses scale and grow their operations.
    • Google Cloud – GCP
      • Build great apps and scale up the operations easily on a future-proof infrastructure safeguarded by more than 700 IT experts without having to worry about capacity or performance.
  • Private Cloud Services
  • Dedicated/Shared server
  • Virtual Private Server – VPC
  • Microsoft 365
    • Microsoft Outlook, Microsfot Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft OneDrive from your electronic devices on-the-go. Collaborate with your team and have your documents synced simulateneously across devices.
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Disaster Recovery Services

Kanopi are all aware of the importance of keeping backup copies of mission-critical data in an offsite location. There’s always risk of files getting erased accidentally, or onsite hardware facing technical failure, causing partial or full data loss that will result in huge financial loss to a company.

Before the emergence of cloud service provider such as Kanopi, companies often relied on magnetic tape or hard drive to store their data in a remote location, but such an approach can turn out to be costly when there’s a huge amount of data needed to be transferred from one physical location to another.

Furthermore, IT departments may need to sift through rolls of tape or stacks of hard drives to find the right ones to restore when disaster strikes, and that can delay the process of restoring critical data to ensure business continuity.

  • Cold Site
  • Warm site
  • Hot Site
  • Cloud Backup


As a cloud storage provider, Kanopi is capable of providing a secure and cost-effective offsite-backup solution to meet your business requirements — with flexible pricing and no upfront capital investments.

With your data being stored in the cloud, it can be easily restored in a short period of time, enabling your business to be up and running shortly after an unforeseen mishap.

Contact us now and let our technical experts design and implement a thorough and reliable offsite data backup plan to safeguard your critical data!

  • Amazon Web Services – AWS
  • Microsoft Azure 
  • Google Cloud Platform – GCP
  • Alibaba Cloud


System Integrations

Kanopi specialises in system integration to increase the level of your business efficiency and productivity.

  • IT Infrastructure Consultation, Design, Implement & Audit
  • Networking Infrastructure & Optimization
  • Backup & Restore
  • Maintenance
  • DELL, HP, Lenovo, Veeam, VMWARE

As a dynamic IT service provider, Kanopi keeps abreast with global technological developments, updates and upgrades within the information technology (IT) industry. Realising that our skilled and experienced workforce is our greatest asset, we place topmost priority in training and development initiatives to ensure that our personnel stay competitive and relevant in today’s dynamic IT world. This means that our team will always be ideally placed to take full advantage of the ever-changing business environment.

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You deserve an IT department

Managed Services

Kanopi Managed Service’s model is a way for our customers to offload general tasks to us in order to reduce their costs, improve service quality, or to free internal teams to do work that is specific to their business.

  • Adhoc, Full time, retainer
  • Managed Cloud
  • Managed Infrastructure
  • Managed Security

IT fulfilment

Hardware & Software

Modern businesses rely heavily on technology, IT hardware and software. Businesses require reliable IT infrastructure to smoothen their day-to-day operations. In an era of 24/7 connectivity, businesses need to be accessible to customers at all times. Kanopi will be able to help you to establish a system that would meet your requirements and budget.

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19 cyber security 512

Safer with us

IT Security

Kanopi partners reputable security software and hardware vendors, in the provision of a total protection and security control to a range of organisations such as corporate entities, education-based establishments and government bodies. We protect our clients against known and unidentified malware, spyware, intrusions, unwanted applications, spam or policy abuse – whilst providing a comprehensive network to access control.

  • Endpoint Security with Data Control & Encryption
  • Modular Encryption & Data Security Solutions
  • Network Security Solutions
  • NOC & SOC
  • Sophos, Fortigate, BitDefender

Anything that is low-voltage

Extra-Low Voltage

Kanopi provides, supplies and installs extra low voltage systems (ELV)

  • CCTV
  • Card Access System
  • Structure Cabling
  • Public Alarm System
  • Sound and Audio System
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