Kanopi Hot Cloud Storage

Infinitely Affordable and Predictable Priced Cloud Object Storage. No Complex Tiers. No Fees for egress or API calls.

  • Simple, fast, and affordable
  • No archival or warm storage tiers
  • Highly secure, low-latency, as fast of faster that hypersclaler’s most expensive tiers, at the slower tier’s price
  • Ideal for active archives to offsite backups, hybrid loud storage
  • NO egress or API calls charges

Cloud Storage that is simple, predictable, affordable and secure

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No complicated tiers or additional fees for egress or API calls

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Fast uploads and downloads and private network options

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Data center redundancy, bucket replication, and data immutability

Stop paying cloud transaction fees

According to a recent independent survey, enterprises are spending almost as much on storage fees as they are on storage capacity. These “transaction fees” that legacy cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure) charge are in addition to the high per-terabyte fees you’re already paying to store your data.

Transactions such as retrieving data, restoring files, testing backups, or moving data between storage tiers are common and necessary operations that add up fast. And because it’s difficult to predict how many of these transactions you’ll need to perform in a given month, it’s impossible to predict your overall storage bill.

In fact, of the 61% of IT decision-makers that reported going over budget on their cloud storage in 2022, the vast majority (91%) cited one or more transaction fee types as the reason why. 


By Wasabi

What percentage of your organization’s total public cloud storage subscription/bill is allocated to the following areas

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