Kanopi Cloud NAS

Extend the life of your on-premises servers, reduce costs, and never run out of capacity with fast and secure cloud network attached storage

What is Cloud NAS?

  • Fast, secure, and cost-effective network-attached storage in the cloud. 
  • Connect it to your existing on-premises NAS, SAN or DAS to automatically offload cold data (or any data) to low-cost Kanopi hot cloud storage. 
  • Use it to free up server capacity while keeping your data available and retrievable within milliseconds.
  • simple to install and even easier to use. 
  • no client software required on end-user devices. All files are visible to your end users exactly as they would appear if they were residing on your on-premises servers.
  • Local speed with unlimited low-cost capacity. You get the best of both world’s with Wasabi Cloud NAS.

Why Cloud NAS?

Studies show that 80 percent of data is rarely accessed within months of creation. Yet most businesses retain dormant data alongside active data on expensive on-premises storage platforms. This not only squanders storage capacity and budget but impairs data protection by expanding backup file sizes and reducing the number of applications you can back up overnight.

By automatically archiving infrequently accessed data to Knopi Cloud NAS, you can reclaim expensive NAS, SAN and DAS capacity, avoid expensive hardware upgrades, and better align storage costs with the true value of your data.

Why Kanopi Cloud NAS

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Lower Your Total Cost of Storage

Avoid hardware upgrades and the associated space, power, and human costs to maintain ever-expanding on-prem storage
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Shorten Backup and Recovery Times

Dramatically shrink your backup images for faster backup times and better RPOs and RTOs
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Disaster-proof Your File Storage

Enable users to access their data immediately after a failure by repopulating replacement hardware with file stubs from the cloud in minutes

Wait no further, Cloud NAS is the way to go!